Welcome to the Global Intrapreneurs Institute


Our world is transforming literally before our eyes! We are experiencing a dramatic inflection point in the history of humanity. Even after the threat of COVID-19 has subsided the world is NEVER going to be the same. The pre-Covid world is gone forever.

If ever there was a time that we needed our INTRAPRENEURS – it’s NOW. We NEED your:  

·         Creativity

·         Possibility thinking and problem-solving

·         Persistence and determination

·         Ability to thrive in difficult circumstances

·         Commitment to produce positive change from disruption.

 It is time for intrapreneurs to STEP FORWARD and mobilise their talents. And we’re here to HELP! 

The Global Intrapreneurs Institute is an on-line educational institution and community committed to supporting and advancing the work of intrapreneurs in all sectors and in all corners of the world through learning and development. 

 The institute is built on the following beliefs:

That there is a vast amount of underutilised potential in employees within organisations

That if this potential was liberated it would unleash a new wave of prosperity and productivity within our workplaces and solutions for the challenges that face us - for the benefit of humanity

Organisations and individuals need some assistance in this area i.e. to identify and develop their talent and provide the opportunities, pathways and processes by which to translate talent into VALUE

Calling all Intrapreneurs

Are you an intrapreneur?

How do you know?

Does this sound like you?

Are you an:

Opportunity finder who see possibilities and envisions the future

Resourceful problem-solver who get results and breaks through barriers to progress

Agile learner who learns what you need to when you need to

Iconoclast who challenges the status quo and out-dated thinking and practices

Risk taker who repurposes failure and becomes stronger through challenges

Creative thinker who looks at the world with fresh eyes and curiosity

A Message from the  founder and CEO of GLOBAL INTRAPRENEURS INSTITUTE(GII) Dr Irena Yashin-Shaw

The GII is a resource and support for people all over the world in any enterprise who want to develop their intrapreneurial talent.

There has never been a better time to be an   INTRAPRENEUR – that enterprising employee who thinks and acts like an entrepreneur while working INSIDE an organisation or business.

Intrapreneurialism has been identified as the #1 workplace skill for 2020 by global recruitment firm Michael Page. Being identified as an intrapreneur will have some serious currency in the new world of work.

Join us in the quest to liberate intrapreneurialism. Let’s pool our talent to solve problems worth solving and shape the emerging future. Our world needs intrapreneurs more than ever before.

It needs YOU!

As an Intrapreneur you want to be a positive change agent and make a meaningful, purpose-driven contribution to your enterprise and beyond.

As an Intrapreneur you are an opportunity finder and problem-solver. You take action and harness resources to bring ideas to fruition. You take control of your career and reputation. To make that happen you are prepared to continually learn, challenge and develop yourself.

We are here to help you grow your skills, confidence and impact so you can be an epicentre of influence and achievement for good.

Why NOW?

INTRAPRENEURS will be instrumental in helping to rebuild, reengineer and redesign organisations and businesses in a POST-COVID world.

This is what we know.

Over 70% of society’s most transformative innovations have come from INTRAPRENEURS. Through their corporate ventures INTRAPRENEURS create more jobs than entrepreneurs. There is a high correlation between intrapreneurship rates and economic competitiveness.

What does this mean?


There are 2 ways to be involved with the Global Intrapreneurs Institute


1. Become a member and tap into the vast reservoir of our resource vault and diverse global network populated with inspirational intrapreneurs. $127/year.  Click here to find out more.


2. Become a Fellow of the Global Intrapreneurs Institute which entitles you to use the post-nominals FGII. (Coming Soon).

Introducing The

Global Intrapreneurs Institute

So the question is HOW can you become an Intrapreneur?

You need to define who you are, identify opportunities where you can add value, create a plan to progress through a series of experiments, mobilise resources, build a team enlist collaborators and DELIVER.

To do all of that on your own could seem overwhelming.

Which is PRECISELY why we created the Global Intrapreneurs Institute.

At the Institute you get all the information you need to either kick start your intrapreneurial journey or if you are already well on the way – to take you to even higher levels of performance.

When you enter our virtual campus, you access a growing library of unique resources and a community to encourage and support you.

Not to mention, you will quite literally get access to some of the leading thinkers on the planet when it comes to intrapreneurialism.

Think of it as the Harvard University for today’s savvy intrapreneurs.

Member Testimonials

{My experience as a member of the Global Intrapreneurs Institute has been insightful. The GII provides a new and thought-provoking look into getting the best out of people by unleashing their intrapreneurial skills. It lays out the blueprint of how to unleash an intrapreneurial mindset and how organizations can leverage the same to find and exploit change and innovation opportunities.{
Yusuf Mutamba
Innovation Manager. The Innovation Village. Kampala. Uganda. The Innovation Village Uganda
{I`m so proud to be a member of the Global Intrapreneurs Institute. Besides the new approach they gave me, I also feel more accompanied in the ‘adventure’ of innovation. My work in higher education is focussed on nurturing entrepreneurs but I am an INTRAPRENEUR so it is wonderful to associate with the other intrapreneurs in the institute who are all also committed to creating value in their own way.{
Agustin Arieu
Dean Faculty of Management and Entrepreneurship Centre Flores University. Buenos Aires. Argentina
{The Global Intrapreneurs Institute launched in the 1st week of Australia's COVID lockdown amidst the first ever virtual summit for one of Australia's largest conference centres in Brisbane.  It was this bold move that set the tone for their interconnected global ambitions with international speakers and global innovative leaders like NASA rocket scientists and global tech founders teaching us to think differently with practical "how to" demonstrable success.The GII network is connected and I'm already doing business through GII in just a few months. It is important for change makers to connect as we each need to navigate ways of overcoming mainstream BAU mindsets; we need to build our own 'community of practice'. That's what GII is for me - a movement of intrapreneurs enabling progress through action!{
Warwick Peel
Regional Director AU / NZ Ideascale
{Membership of the GII is a smart way to formalise and recognise the hard work we have done as intrapreneur practitioners over the years. It is also a much needed creative and challenging space to grow new ideas, seek out experienced advice and fall into life changing conversations and connections. A community is only as good as its contributors and the Institute has been founded by luminaries in the field. The masterclasses and support are world class and we are building a powerful coalition for organisational disruption and change.{
Jane Hedger.
Transformational Executive and Board Chair Public Sector
{As a Foundation Member of the Global Intrapreneurs Institute I’ve been delighted with the value it has represented right out of the gate. Although this is a brand-new initiative, the recognition, networking and new associations with like-minded people has been excellent! Even more, the monthly online “Masterclass” is second to none. I've enrolled for many webinars over the years, but nothing comes close to the value I have gained from these Masterclasses. The quality of speakers, along with the interactivity, and networking makes them well and truly great value.”{
Mike Harris
Director and Consultant Aviation Innovation Consulting Services
{If you are looking for a 'tribe' that gets you, then I'd encourage you to join the Global Intrapreneurs Institute. I am usually cautious about where I direct my time and resources and have been impressed by the engaging and relevant support GII extends to its members. As my career has been deliberately a diverse mix of experiences underpinned by a strong personal purpose, it's refreshing and actually comforting to be around people who value me for being different, thinking different and wanting to make a difference{
Dr. Mark Glasebrook
CEO NFP Melbourne. Australia

So What Exactly Do I Get as a member of GII?

Membership of The Global Intrapreneur Institute is built on 5 pillars:

Our constantly growing members' acceleration library

Our supportive global community of super-savvy intrapreneurs

Live monthly masterclasses with global industry & thought leaders

Intrapreneur Magazine

Discounts to other live events

Exclusive GII Badge designed for Linkedin and Resume

The Acceleration Library

When you enter the GII vault, you will get IMMEDIATE access to our exclusive resources which include masterclasses with global thought leaders, webinars, eBooks, books, expert interviews, stories from real intrapreneurs sharing their experiences and learnings and many other bonus resources.

Our growing vault is specifically designed to upskill, educate and inspire intrapreneurs.

Our Live Monthly Masterclasses with Leading Global Experts. Here is a sample.

Dr. Tara Ruttley. Associate Chief Scientist NASA

Professor Gareth Bullen. London College of International Business Studies

Jim Link. Chief Human Resources Officer Randstad North America

Kaihan Krippendorff. Best Selling Author and Global Innovation & Strategy Thought Leader

Anne Arneby. CEO Nordic Morning Group. Sweden.

Global Intrapreneurs Community

An Intrapreneur’s  success is facilitated  through connection and collaboration. So it’s not at all surprising that the real magic of our Global Intrapreneurs Institute lies in our COMMUNITY.

Think of it as the central café on this most elite campus—the place where you will rub shoulders with other super-savvy intrapreneurs transforming their corner of the world in remarkable ways.

It is a rich and vibrant place where you will meet like-minded intrapreneurs who want to do things differently. Together you will share success secrets, practical tips and ‘lessons learned’ as well as give each other encouragement and support.

Our conversations take place in our content-rich ‘private’ forum—which means you will enjoy high-quality, purposeful discussions that add value to and support your intrapreneurial journey.

And There’s More…!

But that’s not all. There are other unbelievable bonuses as a member of the Global Intrapreneurs Institute.

Check these out …

Bonus #1: Intrapreneur Magazine

Intrapreneur Magazine is the OFFICIAL publication of the Global Intrapreneurs Institute. This is THE global authority on all things intrapreneurship, edited by our world renowned intrapreneur expert and entrepreneur in her own right Dr Irena Yashin-Shaw.

You will be first in line for FREE copies of all future editions. But here is the really exciting part.

As a valued member of GII you will have the opportunity to be ‘SPOTLIGHTED’ in future issues of Intrapreneur Magazine. What a great way to build your profile globally as an intrapreneur!

Bonus #2: Discounts to GII events


As a second bonus, you will get access to discounted tickets to live events (either in-person or virtual) such as The Australian Intrapreneurs Summit and the Global Intrapreneurs Summit.  These events are THE meetup on all things intrapreneurship. Past events have been a HUGE smash!

You will also be eligible for discounted tickets to any future events managed by the Global Intrapreneur Institute.

What About The Investment?

The world needs to be FULL of successful Intrapreneurs.

That’s precisely why we have kept the investment to join our Institute as low as possible.

Just think.

These affordable prices translate into an investment of less than .50c a day— less than what you MIGHT pay EXTRA for a special cup of coffee!

Here’s a wrap-up of everything you will get:

Individual Annual Membership


Full Access to Community Forums

Full Access to Acceleration Library

Live Monthly Masterclasses with global experts

Exclusive GII Digital Badge for LinkedIn & your CV

BONUS: A spot in Intrapreneur Magazine

BONUS: Discounted tickets to GII events

A totally UNIQUE experience!

Corporate Annual Membership

From $79.98 Per/Year/Member

All the standard Individual Benefits

Full Management of Employee Membership

Employee Sub-Membership Signup with Code

Corporate 10 Member - $999 Per Year

Corporate 30 Member - $2750 Per Year

Corporate 50 Member - $3999 Per Year

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How do I know if the Global Intrapreneurs Institute is right for me?

If you want to make the transformation to becoming an intrapreneur, or if you are an intrapreneur who’s struggling to take your professional practice and reputation to the next level, being a member of the Global Intrapreneurs Institute WILL help you.

It’s been proven time and time again that if you learn from the best and surround yourself with positive people, your success will soar. The Global Intrapreneurs Institute is a place that is focused on making sure that everybody gets what they need in their intrapreneurial pursuits.

We’re a community and committed to taking everyone on the journey.

Q: What are the benefits of joining the Global Intrapreneurs Institute?

Intrapreneurs often feel like a square peg in a round hole. They don’t accept the status quo and business-as-usual practices or change that moves at a snail’s pace. They can see opportunities for doing differently and better where others don’t. As a result, they sometimes feel frustrated or isolated.

If that sounds like you then you need a tribe of other intrapreneurs where you can re-energise and re-charge your batteries.

Inside the GII community you will benefit from receiving expert know-how, support and encouragement and that will empower you to transform your working life!

Q: How can I maximise my membership in the Global Intrapreneurs Institute?

Everyone is different in terms of what they want and need.

In the Institute there’s great content, in the community there’s great people and in the masterclasses and events there’s great experiences.  It’s up to you to choose your own adventure and the level of engagement that works for you.

That said, the best way of maximising your membership is to systematically consume the content at your own pace, connect with other members of the tribe and attend the webinars and events (both virtual and physical) and revel in the support, opportunities, and learning experiences.

Q: Can I cancel my membership and get a refund?

You can cancel your membership anytime within the first 30-days of joining the Institute to receive a full refund.

If at some point down the track you feel that the community is no longer a fit, just let us know and we’ll cancel your membership. You’ll have access right up to the end of your membership period, and you’ll not be charged again.

However, our aim is for you to so enjoy being a part of this global movement that you’ll never want to leave!